The Five Mistakes That Internet Marketers Always Make

Want to create a successful website and brand? Maybe give up your job and become an online celebrity?

Yep, so does just about everyone else.

And you’re certainly not the first person to have tried! In fact, countless have tried before you and just as many have failed. So the question is: why did they fail and what can you do differently? Here are five common mistakes and the best ways you can avoid making them yourself…

Having No Passion

Too many people set out to start an online brand without really having any understanding or interest regarding their niche.

For example, they might buy a fitness website and then fill it with generic fitness content. They’ll then hire a writer to write posts or maybe conjure up a few of their own while relying heavily on resources and they’ll share those posts on social media. Then they wonder why their site isn’t ‘taking off’.

The simple answer? They aren’t thought leaders. And how can they be? The best leading sites are the ones that are written by leading experts in their field. People who are passionate and dedicated to the topics they write about. These are the people who are constantly able to write about the most cutting edge news and information. These are the ones able to contribute entirely new information. If you don’t know the niche, then you’re better off staying away!

Having No Strategy

The first issue can also be described as having no strategy. Posting lots of content is not a strategy. A strategy means thinking about how your blog posts and your social media presence will work together. It means thinking about where you’re going to market yourself, how you’re going to grow and what your brand means. It means having a monetization method that works too.


To be successful, you need to think about all this before you jump in and start splashing around!

Not Working Hard Enough

Another common problem is that thinking it’s easy to make money online. Write a post a week, share to a few social media channels and then wait for it to ‘explode’.


Ask any successful internet marketer today and they’ll tell you that it took years and huge amounts of hard work for them to get to where they are today. If you want this to be your full time income, then you need to treat it as though it’s a full time job. It’s that simple!


Which also brings us nicely to the next point: patience.


This takes time. It might take one year. It might take six. But if you quit now, you’ll never know!

Failing to Adapt

The world is constantly changing and this is perhaps truest of all for the technology industry. If you want to be successful, then you need to make sure that you are able to keep up with those changes. That means adapting to changing SEO strategies, it means being nimble enough to compete with other entrepreneurs and it means being savvy enough to know what your audience wants. The strategy you came up with five years ago might not be the best strategy today.

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