5 Ways Your Content Can Break Free From the Pack

Content marketing is not as easy as it sounds. Writing content is easy, yes. Most of us can write in our native language to at least some degree and if it’s a subject we really like, we can usually think of something to say.


The problem though is getting your content to stand out. After all, there are probably millions of blogs and websites out there that are just like yours and if you’re going to get noticed, you need to present a compelling reason why your site is the best one. Not only that but you’re going to have to make sure that your visitors learn that as soon as they land on your page.

So how can you make sure your content gets noticed? Here are some suggestions…

Get Personal

While it won’t be appropriate for every niche, taking a more personal approach to your content is often a good strategy. This means not being afraid to occasionally dip into the first person, to perhaps tell a story about yourself and to let people know your opinion. Have a joke occasionally and perhaps include pictures of you rather than just stock photos.

What this does, is to remind the person reading that you’re a real human being. It makes your content more relatable and instantly more engaging.

Use a Narrative

This ties in nicely with a narrative structure. In other words, you can often benefit from structuring your posts and articles so that they read like a story. We’ve been listening to stories for thousands of years and as such, we’re naturally inclined to see them through until the end. They’re also great at getting us to empathise and thereby engage the right emotions as we read.


Be Different

This is so important but it’s something a lot of people forget. If you really want your content to succeed, then try to write something different from everything else out there. If your post is in any way generic, then people will have seen it before and it won’t excite them!

Think About Looks

Looks matter when it comes to your content! Don’t settle for the default font that came with your WordPress theme and don’t necessarily have the same fonts for your headers. This is your chance to branch out and be more creative. Likewise, think about how you’re going to use images in with your text and maybe even use some ‘ergodic’ layout to illustrate your points.

Be Consistent

If you want one of your posts to reach 8,000 views in a day, you don’t necessarily have to be consistent – just lucky. If you want to get 8,000 views on all of your posts though, then you need to be very consistent. Consistency is how you’ll show your viewers what it is that you ‘do’ and that is in turn what will give them incentive to come back to your site and time again. That is how you build a following and that’s why consistency is key!

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