4 Key social media tips from Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, the man who apart from being an author, founder, a TV host can also add to his conquests as the person who initiated people to the important social media etiquette. His book "Jab, jab, jab, Right-Hook" is an essential guide to anyone who is new to the medium. His newest book on the subject is "AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness" is the new feather added to his cap.

Here are four key social media tips that you can surmise from his work:


  1. The internet doesn’t change you, it just exposes how awesome you are.


This advice was given by him to a man in the audience who was scared to create a social media account for his business. According to Vaynerchuk, being on social media exposes you to the world that is watching, but there is a way to go about it. Get it right, and you will shine, Vaynerchuk said in his response to the audience member.

Gone are the days when to advertise a product, word of mouth was essential. Social media platforms are a great way to make your brand personal, and appeal to the exact demographic you intend to reach. This also gives you a great way to analyze metrics and other relevant data to ensure that your business is always relevant. Not only that, you can also become accessible to your customers thereby earning and retaining customer loyalty.

Some variety is needed in every social media stream and Facebook has been updating itself to suit every business individual who was trying to promote their business. Display your products, mention every aspect of it in a very clear manner. For example, if it is a clothing line, mention the price, the sizes, colours, texture and then just sit back and click away the orders. It’s that easy.

  1. Understand how you communicate

Powerful advice indeed. What if we couldn’t communicate?  "Silence is golden" but it doesn’t apply in all walks of life. Old schoolers, those who are too far behind the internet age, and don’t want to keep up with what connectivity has to offer, will eventually realise that social media is the answer to gather business, marketing products and getting productive feedback from the customer. Products are being liked and un-liked, followed and un-followed by the dozens each day on Twitter, Facebook  and even on Instagram. Customers will not bother what is happening in the board room of their favourite clothing brand, but will definitely show an interest on how you communicate with them. Find ambassadors to promote your product, which in turn will perk up the interest levels of the market you wish to target.

Communication should be both ways, encourage the buyer to ask questions. If they wish to complain, they would definitely like to know that it has been answered and due action taken. To promote your business successfully it is imperative that the customer is given all the necessary links on the social media itself for him to complete purchasing what he is on the lookout for.  No one wants to jump from one page to another in search of what they need. It should be made available to them on the platform of their choice. For instance, if someone is looking to buy a book that they have read a fantastic review about, the blogger who has written the post will do well to link to the online shop where the book is available. This way, they are saved from the trouble of an elaborate search and find. Linking to products also helps bloggers and other social media platforms in sustaining themselves if hyperlinking will gain them regular advertising, tie-ups to keep their page afloat.



3. Learn the new social media platforms in parallel with the current ones you are using


Social media are computer mediated technologies that allow everyone to take advantage of how it works. It does offer a wide berth of projections. A lot of people who began using social media have been doing so since the launch of websites like myspace.com, hi5.com, and so on before moving on Facebook, Twitter and others.

The internet is constantly evolving and there are always newer ways to connect with people. As time goes by, the dynamics will keep changing and social media platforms will also evolve to include the changing needs of its users. For instance, while Facebook began as a way for people to connect with each other, it is now the definitive space for all manner of businesses, news agencies and people to connect and evolve.

It’s important that while using one single platform, that you learn about the various others available that could be a better fit for you. It could be that Facebook is too much work and that Twitter helps you build your brand. In this case, it is best to operate Twitter and use Facebook for the occasional promotion.


  1. One tweet can't kill a brand

Neither does one complaint or one errant customer. Consciousness and adherence to this one statement should be complied by the media user. Be it your very own photograph or your favorite restaurant advertising its spread. There is no hard and fast rule that everyone should like everything or everybody. To each his own. It is hard to be polite when there is someone out to destroy everything you worked for. It doesn’t matter.

Make your presence felt by answering their messages, their queries personally. Don’t make your secretary do it. Consumers will give a five star rating for your product when you deal with them directly and are honest in describing what you are selling. Deal with a negative feedback with the same gusto as a positive one. Do not indulge in buying "likes" and "followers".

The minute a customer senses that the product has just been boosted by robots, the brand value will come crashing down with the very speed it went up. Social media can be an easy and fast way to boost everything right from your morale to your career, but it necessarily need not be safe.

It’s important to note that social media, like people will do its best to accommodate the changing needs of its users. Making sure that you are using it to achieve your goals and going about it in an organic way is perhaps the best option for you and for your brand (if you have one.)

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