How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Fitness Brand

In a world where technology is advancing at a rapid pace the old ways of advertising are slowly becoming obsolete. Social media is quickly becoming the new way to advertise and build a brand. Your consumer’s eyes are moving to social media. In this post, we’ll talk about how you can use social media to build your fitness brand.


Focus On Delivering Value


Building your fitness brand is just like building any other brand. As with any other brand you want to focus on bringing value to your audience. Most people are thinking about themselves, and this is the same way they build their brands. To build your business for the long term, you must give value.


Your focus should be on giving your audience content that will be valuable to them. Your fitness audience will be looking for content in the form of fitness tips to help them improve their fitness levels.


Put Out Great Content


The content most brands are putting out doesn’t capture the attention of the audience. They don’t take the time to understand their audience and give them the content that they want. This point ties right in with the point I was making above about creating value.


You have to understand what your target market wants and give it to them. Regarding building a fitness brand, you know people will follow you to improve their levels of fitness. Give them actionable content they can use, and they will engage with you more.


Sign up to every social media platform out there and learn to use each of them. Your content should captivate their attentions and make them want to find out more about you and your brand.


Understand The Platform


Putting out great content is good, but your aim is to match the content with the platform. To do this, you must understand the audience on the platform you’re using.  


If you put out content that is useful for twitter but bad for Facebook, you’ll lower the amount of engagement you get on your posts. Understand the language of the platform and speak it.


Facebook encourages high-quality pictures while Twitter is all about short form text. Instagram is all about photos taken on your phone while Pinterest is about high-quality glossy pictures with a professional look. Youtube is for longer more informational videos.


It pays to take some time and understand every single thing about the social media platform you’re using. The more you know about the platform, the better you can speak to your audience. Learn how to share the right content on the right platform, and your audience will engage with your content.


Keep It Short And Interesting


You’ve got to understand most people browsing through social media are moving so fast you have to capture their attention quickly. Short and exciting content is how you engage them.


People on social media are there to talk to their friends and look at other posts. They could care less about your content, so this is why your short content should make them stop and click.


Your content will make them stop and once they stop they will click through to more of your longer content. Now if you’ve been putting out good content your target audience will engage.


Create Your Strategy


Now you need to take some action and start posting on the different platforms. If you haven’t yet right now, I want you to sign up to all the social media platforms you can. Next I want you to start putting out great content.


You might be saying well I don’t know what is good content. Well, luckily many people do. Take some time and follow other fitness brands on social media and get some ideas from some of the content they are putting out. Look at their posts and look at the posts that are getting the most engagement.


Take ideas and start creating a strategy for the type of content you can start putting out. Engage with their content and their followers but in a way that softly promotes your content. Engage with people and give them value. Keep doing this, and they will start to follow your content and big engaging in your posts.




With the eyes of the market moving to social media many brands need to learn how to reach their audience through the power of social media. Growing your fitness brand through social media is about learning your audience first. Give them great content and communicate with them. Deliver maximum value in the content you put out. To put out the best content, you must understand the platform you’re using.


Look at what other fitness brands are doing and create your strategy. The eyes of the market are moving to social media almost every person has a phone. Understand this, and you can grow your brand to incredible heights.